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Okay. Now What? - A Show for The Young and The Anxious.

Nov 4, 2019

Think about the last time you didn't follow through on a commitment - what did you follow it with? A ''But... (insert excuse here)'' and you stay stuck in the exact same place that you were with no progress made. That's a lack of self discipline - and this week's episode is all about how you can build it with a but-flip. What on earth am I on about? Tune in to find out!

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This group coaching is for highly anxious girls who struggle with self confidence and perfectionism. You'll get weekly online mentoring sessions with me in an intimate private group of 4-6 other girls struggling with similar issues. Together you'll get the tools and strategies needed to manage their anxiety and build confidence in a way that they’ve never been taught before. By coaching together in a group, you'll understand you're not alone in your struggles and form bonds with girls who ‘’get’’ what you're going through.

It’s the same life changing results as my one-on-one coaching for just a fraction of the cost.

For more info on how I can speak at your school, visit 

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