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Okay. Now What? - A Show for The Young and The Anxious.

Oct 21, 2019

On 20th October 2012, my sister was tragically killed in a motorbike accident in Thailand - with the driver who caused it never once apologising nor being charged for his reckless actions. On the week that marks 7 years since her passing, I sat down with my mic to share how I've processed through that injustice so it does not make me bitter so you can make that same choice over the unfair things in your life. Most importantly I explain why forgiveness is something you do FOR you - not for the person who wronged you.

I also wanted to introduce more of my sister and the kind of person she was to you all, so I read out part of my speech from her memorial on 2/11/2012. So much of my strength comes from the way my sister chose to live her life every single day - with courage, kindness and passion for the gift of this human experience. She really understood that we only get ONE and so she gave every single day the best of her, and now inspires me to keep doing the same for the two of us.

Grief is an ever present part of my life because my love for my sister forever is - however this week it's deeper than usual with such a painful anniversary so I thank you all for allowing me to be real with you and where I'm at with what's happening in my own life. This episode might not be for everyone, but for those who's hearts have also been touched by grief, I hope you find solace and strength in what I share - remembering, you're not alone. You'll always have a home for your grief here on my podcast show. <3