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Okay. Now What? - A Show for The Young and The Anxious.

Jun 17, 2019

Today's episode is a special recording from when Human Potential Mentor and Speaker, Jason French, interviewed me as part of his group coaching program; Embrave.

I'm sharing this interview as finding some spiritual meaning in my sister's death really helped me heal in a deeper way, but it's something I've yet to speak about openly. Jason asks some powerful questions that dives right into this and thought it's the perfect opportunity for you to hear how choosing to believe in a greater purpose kept me strong during the darkest hours of my life.

I'm not sharing my own spiritual beliefs in attempt to impose on your own, simply to show you how we have infinite options in what we choose to believe about the universe and what happens to us. There's no right or wrong, but there are beliefs that can make us bitter and shut down on life or beliefs that help us stay brave and open to the universe even when it's being cruel so we can be resilient when we need it most. In this interview I share the beliefs that help me do the latter so you can choose to do the same. Because we always have a choice <3

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