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Okay. Now What? - A Show for The Young and The Anxious.

Nov 18, 2019

I’m super excited to have Sam Webb, Founder of Mental Health Non-for-profit Organisation ‘’Livin’’ join me on the show for episode 61.

Now some of you may not recognize the name but I’m sure a fair few of you may recognize the branding of ‘Livin’’ on many caps and hoodies on a fair few high profile people – most notably Chris Hemsworth, with the aim of breaking the stigma around speaking up and saying ‘’I’m not ok’’ – especially for males where the stereotype masculine role of just shrugging things off and not showing your emotions still weighs down far too many men in today’s society and the stats of how many suicides this leads to every day is beyond alarming as Sam will share with us throughout this interview.

This interview is incredibly raw, real and impactful and know that no matter your gender, no matter your journey, no matter where you’re at emotionally at right now – you will get something out of listening to this because there’s never a time you can’t listen to someone get super vulnerable and real with you and not connect with their message. That’s the power of vulnerability as Sam and I discuss among with many other powerful topics surrounding mental health like why ‘’im fine’’ are two of the most dangerous words we can say or hear, and also more personally Sam’s heartbreaking experience which led to him creating LIVIN to begin with which is somewhat similar to my own journey of establishing Nicole’s Foundation. 


Sam also chats about what it was like for him mentally to be a contestant on survivor – yep that’s right, he’s been a contest on the TV show survivor as well as an actor in Aussie TV Shows Neighbours and Home and Away, and is now trying his luck in Hollywood as he has his heart set on growing LIVIN over in the States and giving his acting career his best shot over there too. So safe to say Sam has an incredible journey with plenty of valuable lessons for us to learn from when it comes to living a meaningful life but ensuring you’re taking care of your mental health while you’re at it. If you’re a human being with a human brain, this episode is an absolute must listen to – even if you’re not struggling mentally right now, doesn’t mean you won’t ever or that someone you love won’t. So please turn up this episode and get ready for an awesome heart to heart with the awesome founder of Livin, Sam Webb.